Market Outlook: 5th December

The joke doing the rounds is that it took three days for the market to recover from Brexit, three hours to recover from Trump and three minutes to recover from Italy. After some brief sharp weakness, as the referendum result came out, global markets have bounced back stronger than ever. EURUSD EUR/USD moves were phenomenal.…Read more Market Outlook: 5th December


Is it over?

The Asian trading session opened with USDJPY pulling back from about 113.80 to 111.50 - the biggest drop since July 29th.  The USD Index has pulled back since Trump's win and has caught a bit of sideways motion. Yen is heavily sold as the Asian trading session opens  

Market Outlook: 7-11 November

Among the election nerves, our analysts are viewing the MXN, JPY, CHF and Gold. In the event of a Trump win, we could see the USDMXN rally: If the Donald doesn't acquire enough votes in either Ohio, North Carolina or Florida I'm taking the boring approach and looking for MXN strength: However, all you FX traders…Read more Market Outlook: 7-11 November

Your “guide” to trading election night

This time tomorrow, possibly the most historic election will come to an end. Either way the country loses, I guess. For all the traders out there, your focus should be on the swing states. More importantly: Florida. If you're looking to capitalize on election volatility take note that it may be over by early evening…Read more Your “guide” to trading election night